Weatherproofing is less about product and more about technique. It’s also a statement — the kind any fine craftsman makes in any project with his name on it. The workmanship that goes into protecting a structure from the elements says everything about a builder’s commitment to longevity, reliability and the well-being of the occupants of that building.

Here’s the kicker: all things being equal, poor execution in weatherproofing turns a well-built structure into something that can become hazardous to the occupants and greatly shorten the life of the building.

Any crew can wrap a building. Few can truly protect it. These days, builders have a wide variety of products to keep out the elements, but project developers are mistaken if they think this critical process unfolds under universal standards.

A lot of contractors use TyVek wrap by DuPont but aren’t TyVek certified. Others use cheaper off-brands and still aren’t certified. Still others use TyVek but a different brand of tape. Those are critical distinctions: the wrong tape can let loose, smear away and leave seams vulnerable to air and water infiltration. The damage that causes can take years to detect and rack up enormous costs to repair. Cutting corners and getting weatherproofing done quickly or without fuss is asking for trouble. That’s not the BlackWing way.

BlackWing uses TyVek products exclusively and is TyVek certified. It’s an example of our drive for perfection and represents our relentless pursuit of excellence. TyVek certification means we put ourselves under the scrutiny of inspectors from DuPont itself to earn their credentials and your trust.

We do the same with the siding we place on our buildings. Siding is like armor that works in conjunction with the house wrap — as a barrier to protect the structure but not necessarily seal the house completely. Done right, siding can be 95 percent effective at keeping the elements at bay, while TyVek makes an impermeable barrier. BlackWing works with James Hardie siding, the leader in performance and durability that stands up to years of extremes in temperature, moisture, UV light, pests and more.

Even then, technique always comes before materials. That’s why we put ourselves under the scrutiny of our colleagues at James Hardie to assure both our crews and our clients that BlackWing maintains the highest caliber performance in the fit and finish of that exterior.

Perfection in weatherproofing may not be easy to evaluate — either for developers or for other builders. But BlackWing is transparent with our clients and colleagues about the importance of technique in weatherproofing. After all, it’s a statement about what we stand for.